Scottish coastal inspired
handmade gemstone jewellery….

Beautiful handmade aquamarine gemstone jewellery inspired by the Moray Firth Coast, Scotland ….

Aquamarine, the March birthstone, is a bluish-green stone that gets its name from aqua marinus, the Latin for “seawater” and is said to symbolise eternal life, as well as youth, hope and fidelity. Aquamarine provides peace, tranquillity and calm reminiscent of still waters.


About Poppy Jewellery

Designed in Scotland, we are a small family run business and our aquamarine gemstone jewellery includes necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings for women all set with finest quality semi precious stones in sterling silver.

Our designs and colours are inspired by the stunning Moray Firth sea and coastal area in North East Scotland. We use natural rough semi precious aquamarine gemstones and also some other carefully hand chosen gemstones and set them in sterling silver with simple but stunning designs.